Sunday, May 30, 2010


I sometimes think I'd like to upgrade the security on our home. There's no reason, but - well, I think about it. Better locks on the doors; security for the windows on the deck, that kind of thing.

This, though -- seems a bit much.


Anonymous said...

Why? Is security a problem? Your bread sounds yummy. My roommate has started using my barber. She gives a good haircut, is a good stylist and a great neck and shoulder massage. I like her because she requires an appointment. You don't have to wait, price is reasonable.

Woman's clothes. Haven't noticed the prices in years.

Cerulean Bill said...

Not really. I just think about it from time to time -- usually right after I see a video about how easy it is to pop open a door lock, or think about how our kitchen windows have nothing to prevent someone from breaking the glass and coming in. Of course, I know that the alert, determined folks from those home security firms would be right on the case. Its one of the (few) reasons I find acceptable for personal firearms.

I want your barber. The ones I go to aren't QUITE doing it the same way they did it thirty years ago, but close. And they're dumb. It pains me to hear their conversations. (I know: such problems!)