Saturday, April 25, 2015


I realize that this is very much a first world problem.


I'm getting really tired of web sites that pop up a new page -- one that pop-up blockers don't seem to be able to intercept -- when you move the cursor in a way that suggests that you're about to leave the site.  Its barely ok when the page will go away if you click on the original, still-displayed page.  But some of them require you to click on the 'x' to make it go away.

Its almost enough to drive me back to reading books.  Is it possible that this is simply a plot on the part of the world's librarians?


In the last week, we have learned that -

- our daughter isn't going to do an internship for the summer,  but instead work at a place at the school, which means that she will need money for food, she will need a car (which she will want to keep for the school year, of course), and she will have to have a place to stay . 

- our 3 year old dishwasher has to be replaced.  one of those times when perhaps an extended warranty would have been a good idea. Having the repair guy say Yeah, Samsung learned a lot from this model; they don't make it any more was hardly comforting.

- it's possible to get a French friend ticked off at me.

-  our daughter is now the 'proud' owner of a gerbil.  It seems that the girl for whom she was watching it has announced that she doesn't want it back  She asked me to ask a neighbor if they want it.
 - if we go to Italy, and rent a car, the odds are very good that it will be a manual transmission.  Don't worry, its easy.

- our  daughter, acting as a valet parker for some event, dinged two cars.  The first driveer said not to worry about it.  We're waiting to see what the second says, if anything.

Fun stuff. 

Friday, April 24, 2015


They don't make album covers like this any more.  Pity.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I see where the DHS Secretary and others are unhappy as the use of uncrackable -- or uncrackable without massive effort -- encryption spreads.  Certainly, it does make their lives harder, and usually, that's not a good thing, because usually, they really are trying to stop terrorists and criminals.

But every time I think of the government pawing through my information without so much as a by your leave, which they seem to with some regularity.... I see an article like this, and I smile.

Who would have thought that thanks to the grabby ways of our government, I'd have something in common with drug cartels? 

Friday, April 17, 2015

50 Shades

I don't know if I will go to see 50 Shades or not, but I love what the set designers did in creating the apartment.  Its delightful.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


My daughter is going to take an online course from her college during the summer.  She will not be on campus or anywhere near it.

They're still going to charge her the out-of-state-student rate.

Bet they just love those out of state students.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I will go to Panera Bread forever

Because today I saw a tall, sleek woman in a tight miniskirt and high heels in line there.

I didn't know that people who looked like that existed in this state.

I'm not entirely sure that she was even human.

Okay, granted, she was draped over a guy who looked better than I ever have, but still.

Panera.  Forever.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I asked a French-speaking friend how to say "I took it off the table".  She said "Je l'ai enlevĂ© de sur la table", which translates to "I took it away/removed it from on the table". Apparently, there isn't any direct equivilent. You have to use a circumlocution.

Oh.  Great.


I didn't say this, but I do agree with it.  Its part of my realization of what the phrase 'my better half' means.

"It’s been said the key to a healthy relationship is compromise, and that the right ratio of compromise is 50-50.  But I disagree.  There are times when my wife needs 100% of her needs met and I compromise completely, and other times when I need 100% of my needs met and she returns the favor.  The key to a healthy relationship (or one key, at least), it seems to me, is a recognition that microcompromises are gifts that need to be exchanged rather than demands that need to be wrung from the other person.  If both partners can approach their relationship this way, when large compromises need to be made, pent up resentment is less likely to be present to interfere with clear, compassionate thinking that brings a couple to the best decision for both partners."

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Harry Turtledove writes very well, but I'd like his books more if just once in a while, the good guys won. I glanced at his Joe Steele, which presents a Stalin standin as the surprise successful Democratic candidate against Herbert Hoover, FDR having died during the convention in a mysterious fire, and found myself quickly skipping through it, reading about the rise of authoritarianism, the American work camps, the desperation.  Flipped to the end.  Glum there, too.

Has anyone ever written a  plausible book where the liberals crushed the country?  I'm sure that conservatives have written things where weak-minded liberals have spent the country into the ground, or essentially surrendered the country, but has anyone ever had a powerful, dogmatic liberal forcing the country to bend to his will?  Accept health care?  Knuckle under to equal pay?  Pay schoolteachers adequately? Protect the free pursuit of happiness?

Yeah, I bet the conservatives would find that very scary.


There are times when it's not all that much fun.I wonder if my mento would be surprised to hear me say that?