Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Travel Day

Whenever we would travel somewhere, and the day arrived when we would be going home, I would always wake up early. It wouldn't usually be that I was eager to get out of there -- more like that I didn't want to let any of the day at the vacation spot disappear without my knowledge. It could have been that the day before, we'd done very little; perhaps that we'd gone to sleep the night before, exhausted. Whatever, that morning, I was wide awake. As I was this morning - awake at five thirty (I can't possibly get up this early!), and finally out of bed around six fifteen. I'm making a large breakfast -- sausage, hot chocolate, french toast, and even going to try crepes, which I've only made a couple of times -- both because the guest is going to be going a long time without food - driving down to Dulles, flight to Paris, then flight to her home town -- and because I want to commemorate the moment. I want to do something.

Last night she was in dismay at her inability to get all that she was bringing home into her bags. She tried several times. I asked my wife to give her a hand, and they finally got all of the bags crammed full, including the one she picked up at Footlocker in Times Square on Sunday. If all the kids are like that -- and I've no reason to suspect otherwise -- I hope that van that's taking them down to Dulles has lots of extra room. One thing that she's not taking is the teddy bear we bought for her as a welcome gift. She says she has lots of teddy bears. Ah, well.

Four hours till departure. Almost time to take Google Translate off my toolbar.

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