Saturday, July 03, 2010


Been an interesting day, and its still young

Took care of the neighbor's dog. It's getting used to me. Not exactly friendly (it's a pretty quiet dog, and tame; good when its a German Shepherd, with big honkin teeth), but when it sees me, it bolts to the door to be let out in their huge back yard, and then, once back, dashes downstairs to be fed. I doubt I'll ever get a dog, particularly with the fascination vets have now about ramping up the level of care, but I must admit, I like taking care of it.

My laptop died while in use. This has been happening fairly often. What particularly bugs me is that a) the laptop won't restart (well, it will, but only for about two seconds, and then dead again), and b) when I plug it in, the battery indicates about a third full. So, why did it die? My guess is that its something in the laptop itself. Certainly, relative to laptop life, this one is getting old. I resent that thought. I think that machinery should work forever. I know that the pukka-wallahs of Cupertino, Silicon Valley, and Redmond feel differently. Not get a new laptop every year? But, why not? And you know, if a) data transfer and b) upgrades weren't such a pain (and they never make it easy, or obvious, at least to me), I could almost consider it... Almost. I hate spending large amounts of money -- and a new laptop/tablet/whatever is, no matter what any technogeek feels.

Daughters off 'competing' (more of a demo than a competition). She has to do it in order to qualify to move up to the next belt.

Going to do some baking today, I think. Not sure what. UPDATE: Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.

And Thursday, the Girl From France!

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