Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am sure that it will not last past, oh, two weeks from today, but at the moment I am amazed at how many multi-lingual vacation destinations do not present their material in French. C'est terrible!

Got to watch that transient familiarity with French, though. This afternoon, I asked her if she liked any songs that were in English; she said non. Just as well, I replied. To be honest, I can only think of one song popular here that was in French -- and then, only the first line. Which I then told her. (Of course, you know which one I mean!)

Whereupon I thought: You do know what you just said to a fifteen year old girl in her native language, right?

Ah, rats.


genderist said...

hahahahaha!!! That's funny.

There was another song that Sarah Brightman did with the London Symphony Orchestra (Time to say Goodbye). I think part of it is French, although I could be wrong - it could be Italian. There were several songs on that cd that were totally in French. It was awesome.

I highly recommend it.

Cerulean Bill said...

I just played this , and my cat perked RIGHT up.