Sunday, July 25, 2010


My wife called it a whirlwind three days, and that's about right.

We went to the Statue of Liberty, where our guest delighted us by saying that her dream -- to come to the United States and stand there -- was now realized. Even the heat and rain could not dampen that.

We went to a barbecue in eastern Connecticut (elapsed travel time from the Statue: about eight hours) which was pretty amazing in its own right. Even our guest, speaking very little English, unfamiliar with the concept of a barbecue, and clueless as to why the guests were wearing Viking helmets and some carrying very sharp knives, had a good time.

We drove through midtown Manhattan, where our guest was able to stand surrounded by the noise and congestion (and, yes, the heat and humidity) of Times Square, and just look in awe at it all. (I got to try to call France on her behalf. My weak cellphone was not up to the challenge of background noise, not by far. No wonder people wear headsets.)

It was wearying as all hell, and amazing as all hell.

One more day, and she leaves. We turn back into pumpkins.

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