Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday she and I were having trouble communicating. We switched to Spanish. Hey, presto! And then we baked Chocolate Meringue Cookies. Outstanding. I'd give you the recipe but it's in French.

Up until way-late late night, trying to navigate the Statute of Liberty web site. Whomever designed it must have been paid by the word, and the number of pages they makes you go through to order tickets. And then we find that any tickets to get into the monument have been sold out for two months. (But if a politician showed up and wanted access, welll.....) So we are bringing them TO but not INTO the statue. I don't think they'll care. (And if they do, tough!) Then its a casual drive through downtown Manhattan so that she can say she's been there -- oh, Friday afternoon outbound traffic, yum -- and out to eastern Connectidotts. Where I crash into the nearest bed.

On the bright side, her family has invited us to visit them in France. Way cool.


Carolyn Ann said...

Word to the wise about downtown traffic: don't do Broad St.

You might want to actually park on the Upper West Side, and take the train; it's what we always do! Parking in the '70's, west of Amsterdam, isn't too expensive. You might even get a place on the street; then the 72nd station, and downtown is about half an hour away. :-)

If you do drive, watch out for Water St - it's a nightmare. (Jumping onto the start of the FDR isn't exactly a picnic, either.)

The number of cops, the way they channel the traffic and the general downtown mayhem? Not good. (As you get to the Bull, look up at 25 Broadway; I once had an office a wee bitty up that building (25th floor), looking out onto Broadway. :-) )

Have fun! I love downtown. :-)

Carolyn Ann said...

Don't mind me. I didn't connect the time of your post with the time I wrote my comment! :-)

Hope you had a great day! :-D

Cerulean Bill said...

We really did. I was startled by the number of people -- and this was a Sunday!!!