Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joltin' Joe

This is about a month old. It shows one of the reasons that I like Joe Biden.


Carolyn Ann said...

He was mad!

Great to see that - he's certainly no wilting flower. Never thought he was, but the anger, genuine anger, was quite compelling. He should get mad more often. :-)

I noticed he became very careful with his words when he got mad. He picked the ones that were the most compelling, the most effective. If wotsisname didn't feel like an errant schoolboy, in front of the principal, before - he must have after seeing that!

Cerulean Bill said...

I suspected he started being careful in that reply so that he did not say something he'd regret, in the heat of the moment. Notice the 'as I understood it' qualification.

I thought he was not so much mad as disgusted.

I wonder what Gibbs did at the podium when he reached off. Taped a note saying WATCH OUT!!!, maybe?