Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, some things have changed of late.

For one, I found another book that I want to read -- one that we got from my mother in law. So now I'm up to - what, ten? I think so.

For another, it's actually cool out -- we're running the house fan right now, not the air conditioning.

For still another, we sort-of exchanged notes with our guest, the other night, via Facebook -- she was just about to go to bed (its six hours later there, making it around 2AM). Didn't say much. I ended up sending her a brief note, in GT-French, just to say hi. Surprised by how much I miss having her around.

I bought a battery for the laptop. Seems to be....okay. Knock wood. But now it looks like my daughter's PC might be about to give up the ghost.

And, finally, just watched a Doctor Who that was positively riveting. And the first two episodes of this season's Eureka, which left me wondering Are they going to keep these changes, or is it going to be a 'Then a miracle occurs' thing?

Is that enough change? I think so. For the nonce, anyway.

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