Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Late Night Visit

Our French student wasn't our only visitor, last night. The police dropped by, too.

We had gone to the designated spot at the designated time. Nada. Nobody around but for people who were shopping at the supermarket. My wife drove back home to get the contact's phone number, while I and my daughter waited there. In case you're curious, a supermarket parking lot on a hot night, late at night, is not a fun place. We watched people come and go, including one white pickup truck that made a lot of noise as it moved. Fifteen minutes later, she was back -- the contact had said they'd left the airport two hours later than planned, and would not be back till midnight. We decided to go home. I noticed that the pickup was still there -- he'd moved around to the far side of the lot. That guy is following us, my daughter said. Nah, couldn't be.

Twenty minutes after we got home, the doorbell rang. My wife got it. I heard her talking to somebody, using words like 'parking lot' and 'with a young woman'. I came out. Turned out that it was a cop I knew from being a mentor. He was as surprised as I was. Turned out, also, that that white truck had called the police. Seemed there was this guy just hanging around the supermarket parking lot with a young woman.... looked odd.

Glad I knew the cop. Not that I think anything would have happened if I hadn't -- we could prove what was going on -- but still.

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genderist said...

That makes for a great story. :)