Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Arch Architecture

Why isn't the ARCH in architecture pronounced the way that ARCH alone is?

Last night, our daughter showed us the pictures that she'd taken in Paris. I was quite taken by them, but almost as much by the number of remarkable buildings as the quality of them. I truly believe that you could look at one -- just one -- and gaze at it for hours, looking at the elegant carvings, the sinuous design, the interplay of the elements, the stolid figurines, the leering gargoyles. You could do this for day after day, until the shape and content of the building became as familiar to you as the ceiling over your bed -- and then move to a different spot a tenth mile away and look at the same building, all over again, noting the different angle of the sunlight on the windows, the shading on the marble, the texture of the roof. You really could do that. Rather than a quick "Pretty", you could understand the building, its style and the effect that the architect worked to create.

But who does?


Tabor said...

European architecture has that same effect on me.

Cerulean Bill said...

The desire to study and merge with it, or the desire to say 'yes, nice', and move on? I'm guessing the former.

Carolyn Ann said...

I love Paris. I'm not so keen on Parisians, though... :-)

We had our honeymoon in Paris. It was an incredible trip! It's not called the City of Light for nothing! We spent a long time just looking at the architecture. :-)

Cerulean Bill said...

You mean, it's not called that because it's the local distributor for GE products?