Sunday, July 11, 2010


We spent today in Philadelphia, showing our guest the Liberty Bell and (from the outside) Independence Hall. Cool this morning, but it got hot. Later, we went to the Cleopatra exhibit, where they did have portable multi language guides and did not have portable multi language guides in French -- just English and German. W, as they say, TF? I did learn a couple of tidbits about her -- for one, she was not the one and only Cleo, but rather Cleo the Seventh -- but overall, I wasn't too impressed. The others were, though, so I guess that they knew what they were doing.

On the drive home, the daughteroid offered to drive -- on the Turnpike. We agreed, and for the most part, she did okay. A little drifting to the other lane once, enough to earn her a beep from a passing car, and she took a curve a little fast -- it was bumpy just on the curve, and she mildly lost control, but recovered. We'd have called it a success except that she didn't understand that when we said slow way down on the exit ramp, we meant it; thirty five isn't slow for a curved ramp. SLOW DOWN!!! And when we got home, she misjudged the angle of attack to get into the garage and damn near scraped the can door on the garage door rail. She just wanted to get in and be done, but our standards were a little higher than that. So, she's grumpy at the moment.

Two weeks, one day left for our visitor. Not enough.

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