Sunday, July 04, 2010


This morning, I was waiting in the church parking lot for my daughter. She slept in, so we had gone to an early mass alone. While I waited, I read an article in the Times Magazine about Lindsey Graham, and thought that for a Republican, he sounded pretty amazing, with thoughts about a number of things. And, you know, he sounded honest -- more honest than I usually believe people at that level are.

It got me to thinking about Issues, and how I tend to expect so little from politicians. Of course, it doesn't really matter what I expect from a politician, because people at that level are driven by considerations far beyond worrying about what I think, what my thoughts are. Still, I thought, do I even have thoughts, however incoherent and contradictory, about the major issues of the day? What even are the major issues of the day?

So I pulled a notebook out of the van's console and jotted these down:
Nuclear Weapons
Health Care
Financial Reform

then I paused, thinking - surely there must be more? -- before adding

Iraq/Afghanistan/Wars in general

And there I stopped. Never did think to write the economy or even jobs. Or global warming. Or....

What else did I forget?

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