Sunday, July 04, 2010


Today is a terrible day.

Today is July Fourth, which means that it's when pompous windbags feel it is their right to stand in front of us and tell us how damned lucky we are to be whom we are and where we are. That they're right, we are, doesn't take away from the pomposity. That there are people who live here but aren't fortunate, are about as far as you can be from fortunate, doesn't take away from the sentiment, either. This is a wonderful place, and we don't think about that enough. So maybe the pomposity is worth something, after all, if it gets us thinking about who we are.

There are times when I wonder if we even still have a core sentiment in this country, but if we do -- and I hope we do -- I hope that it includes reminders of what we value; what we say is important. Our core values. The kinds of things that we tend to talk about only after a 9/11.

I have no use for the 'tea party', but I'll say this for them: they get people involved. And that's a good thing. So long as that kind of thing continues to happen, the country's in pretty good shape, I think. At least, it's on the right track.

Happy Birthday, y'all.

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