Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whats In YOUR Bag?

From the Cashierlive web site article on trends in retail technology:

Digital signage shows advertising messages personalized to the shopper. Using RFID tags to identify which items they are carrying through the store or looking at past purchases, the displayed message can suggest other products the shopper might be interested in. Brands whose products are sold at a retailer can advertise on their digital signs, creating another revenue stream for the store.

Just what I need. Big, bright sign. Hey, we see you have the XtraAbsorbent pack of Depends in your cart -- yeah, hidden by the frozen foods and cereal boxes, but we see it! -- and we know you bought the Regular style two weeks ago, so how about checking out the UltraSuck? They're on sale in Aisle 489. And while you're there, looks like its been a while since you bought toilet paper, better pick some up!

Oh, yeah. Exactly what we need.

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