Sunday, June 20, 2010

We're back, I'm wiped

But I did learn some things.

One is, I really like the Air and Space Museum annex out by Dulles. I could look at those aircraft for hours. I also noticed, in the on-site McDonalds, a long-legged teenaged babe with eye shadow, sultry pout, cowboy boots and tight, tight short shorts. I mentioned her to my wife, wondering what kind of parent would allow that. She replied You pick your battles. True.

Another is, there are some awesome interns in Congress. We met one -- an intern for a West Virginia representative. She was bright, prettty, personable, and interesting. I wished we could have talked longer. I was going to ask if she was available for adoption, but my wife nixed the idea. Dammit.

Oh, and don't piss off the Capitol Police, aka the Armed Thugs At The Capitol Visitors Center. They do NOT take it well. What it takes to piss them off includes saying that you want to wait for your wife to get through their electronic scanners. Armed Thugs? Well, not most of them. But one specific one....oh, yeah.

Overall, though -- great fun, even in the heat.

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