Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up Off My Ears...

...and tapered in back. That's what I always say to the barber; what I get more depends on how hung over they are, I think.

When I read articles on occasion about getting The Best Haircut, I am usually bemused. I'd like to get one of those some day, where they take care of you, leave you feeling fresh and all that. I'm not looking for the shops that specialize in having ex-Hooters Girls as the barbers, nor do I want the Newest, Edgiest Look. I just want a decent cut, done by someone who knows what they're doing -- which, to be fair, these people usually do -- and who cares about what they do -- which, I kind of doubt.

At the place where I usually go, there's five or so barbers -- the owner, a short Russian who likes to talk at length; a guy who appears to have been a Hells Angel at one point, complete with tattoos and long hair; two women, one of whom also has long hair and tattoos, and a guy who once saw me reading a computer magazine and therefore concluded that I wanted to hear about his prowess in gaming. I leveled up pretty quick, of course. Yeah. Fascinating. I try not to annoy people who are using sharp objects near me.

There are other barbers around. One specializes in Field and Stream magazines, and loves talking about hunting. One takes appointments only, which always strikes me as odd. And another seems to be open only on St. Swithin's Day.

Just once, I'd like to get one of those outstanding haircuts. I bet I'd be surprised how much it costs.... and how much, the next day, it ends up looking like what I usually get.


Carolyn Ann said...

I used to go to a barber/hairdresser in the World Financial Center. This was in, oh, the early '90's. The cost would be $40 to $50, plus tip. But they didn't do beards, which I had at the time.

I found an old-fashioned barber in Brooklyn, about a mile from our apartment, who did a haircut for $7 (it went up to $8 after a few years), and the beard trimming was about $3 or $5, I forget which.

Both haircuts looked the same. Literally! (And they lasted the same length of time, too.)

Carolyn Ann said...

Okay, I didn't realize quite how odd it was having "Carolyn Ann" writing about beards. :-)

Cerulean Bill said...

Didn't seem odd to me, CA. Perhaps I've become accultured to you? (Or is it acculturated? Or something else entirely? Too early to go look it up.)

And it would be okay if they were ex-Hooters Girls, so long as they were intelligent. Giggling airheads are fine in their place, but next to me with sharp implements isn't it.