Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Stray Thoughts

I just brought my daughter over to have her hair trimmed. Women's haircuts cost too much. Though, as things progress, my own haircuts might reach that range, some day. I suspect that's why my father used to have his hair cut really short. I urged my daughter to consider a buzz cut, but she's not in favor of that.

A blog I like to read mentioned that sometimes buying a dress is better than therapy. I'm not contemplating that, but I can recall when I'd put on a nice-fitting suit and be pleased with the textures. I don't get much of that pleasure these days, as a rule, except for really old, really soft T shirts. Wouldn't mind more of it. Texture that soothes is a good thing.

We're going to 'hire' the eight year old son of a friend to clean out our cats box and do a couple of minor things for us while we're away this weekend. He's the son of the guy who went to jail last year, and I sometimes feel a little sorry for his wife and son, her especially. Not that the woman ever gives any indication of being under stress, but I assume she is. Just being a single parent with a young child can do that. So - occasionally - when I can do something for her, I do. We had her and her son over for brunch once, for example, and now this. I don't think we'll make a habit of it -- she has family in the area, both hers and his, and they help her a lot -- but occasionally, yes.

We got an EZ Pass today. Now our Galactic Overlords can track us more easily.

Went to the gym today. Felt really awkward without my trainer. What weight do I use? What exercise am I trying to do? The presence of some really big guys there casually working out with weights that I regard as massive didn't help. Not that they were obnoxious at all -- just, I felt like a little kid with my 10 pound weights next to their, oh, 40 pounders. Still, I did it, and that's something.

Chili tonight, I think. Leftover, but that's okay. I might bake tomorrow, though. Day 2 of the sourdough starter.


genderist said...

I'm not into retail therapy, but I wholeheartedly agree that women's haircuts cost far too much.

Cerulean Bill said...

Have you seen the studies about comparisons of clothing? The exact same piece of clothing, sold in a women's department, tends to cost more than when sold in the men's department. Unreal.

I keep offering that buzz cut. She might be weakening. This evening she admitted that if she did get one, it'd cost less for me to do it, and the result would be the same.

genderist said...

I threatened a buzz cut yesterday, but The Hater says that he would die if I got a buzz. I certainly can't have that on my hands...

I always look for sales in boy clothes before I look for sales in girl clothes. :)

Cerulean Bill said...

So not getting the buzz cut is, essentially, professional courtesy?