Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Final Meeting

We had the final meeting for the French trip that my daughter's going on. It appears that, though they've done this before, organization isn't one of the teacher's skills. She kept remembering things that weren't on her list....

They're going to have two hours in the Louvre. The teacher said it was a pity. I said Not to worry, they'll say "Well, what do you expect? They're Americans!" She didn't appear comforted by this. Possibly because she's French.


STAG said...

Two hours. Insane! Mon Dieu! Two days to start the foyer, WITH a guide maybe. Two weeks more like it.

Two hours! Tabernac Estee La! As well to see the Aviation Museum in Washington in two hours! Ha! You will be waiting two hours in line enter the place!


Cerulean Bill said...

They have some kind of arrangement where they don't have to wait in line. Personally, I think they ought to have segways. With drink holders.