Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's a lovely day here. I can hear some birds in the nearby trees, and the cat is sitting contentedly in the window, undoubtedly thinking If those birds were here, I'd be having a snack right now.

Last night, we collectively watched The Red Mass, which was, I think, one of the better West Wing episodes. I love that my daughter likes the series -- it leads to some interesting discussions on politics and motivation, which delights me. I had thought, seeing the show, that the concept of TRM was created for the show; turns out, it's real . Quite elegantly done. Now, if someone could explain why the Charlie presidential aide character was gradually transformed from a sober, serious character into a prankster and someone who feels free to advise the others on their love lifes....Aaron? What were you thinking?

In about an hour, I'll be bringing my daughter over to an all-day art class, where she's sketching -- I tend to be a little unsure what to think of those sketches, because though she's clearly skilled, it's not always obvious to me what they're of, and you hate to say Very Nice -- what is it? The French teacher is stopping by for a moment to pick up something relative to the trip, which is, mirabile dictu, this Thursday -- the daughter's off to France, we're taking three days off down in DC, and the cat will roam the house virtually unimpeded. We have a swap going -- the neighbor's daughter will come over to check on the cat while we're gone, and in three weeks, our daughter will go over to their house to perform the same service.

I'm still reading Unforgiving Day, also Amazing Victory, a very soft description of the Battle of Midway (damn, but we were fortunate -- the Japanese really, really should have won that one). And it seems to me that we have something else to do today, though for the moment, I don't recall.

So that's it. A quiet day.
Update: The French teacher has been here and gone. She mentioned that after I jokingly asked her, at the last meeting, what we'd have to pay for her to leave our daughter in France, she mentioned the comment to her class. All of the class was certain it was their parent.

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