Saturday, June 12, 2010


I occasionally think it'd be nice to have an iPad, but I'm skittish about it, a sensation that gets stronger each time I hear of someone cracking the glass (which is apparently not uncommon, and even more likely with the newer iPhones that are glass on both sides). Odds are, I won't get one , at least till the concept of pads is a lot more common. As a general planning tool, though, I found The True Cost of iPad Ownership - Oy, Vey to be pretty interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Good article.. I bought the 499 version of iPad. And the keyboard for 70.. The case and camera connection kit I got for free because the shipping time took so long and I complained. As for apps.. I have spent about 20 on them.. There are a lot of free apps, and new ones being added every day. If I thought about it.. I would not have bought the keyboard.. As I never use it. And for connecting.. I have my house set up with wifi so the laptop connects so there is no data package. So I spent about 600 all together. And I absolutely love it! I wouldn't give it up for anything. I am very careful handling it, so as to not drop it, and Daughter has learned from past experience to stay away from my electronic with liquids. LOL