Sunday, June 20, 2010


The daughteroid has been in Paris for three days. Been to Versailles, the Louvre, the Tower, and someplace else that I forget. She's called us every day, to our delight -- today, we were in the Air and Space Museum annex when she called; no more will I think that people I overhear saying And how is Paris? What did you do today? are being pretentious -- and she really seems to be having a good time. She apologised for not getting me a Father's Day present -- which a) she did, getting me some truffles two days before she left, and b) if she hadn't , would have been of no consequence, as I don't get Father's Day -- but I told her Of course you did, just now. Took her a minute to get it.
Tomorrow, she takes the TGV down south, I think.

I brought two books to DC, read ten pages in one, and came home with two more. Not to mention, extracts of articles that I wanted to reread and maybe post something about, such as one regarding hospitals, wealthy patients, and fundraising. It rankled me a bit, even though I doubt a hospital will ever call me for a donation.

I had wiped out Microsoft Office 2010 when I did a System Restore, trying to recover my daughter's tunes; to my dismay, it would not reinstall, failing with a cute error (fortunately, the sight of an error message in hex doesn't freak me out, though it is somewhat user hostile). But I searched on it, found one site that mentioned it had something to do with Microsoft .NET, went and applied all the maint that I could find for that. To my astonishment, Office reinstalled successfully. I am so glad.

Thinking, just a bit, about getting an iPad or a clone -- and for the damnedest reason. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in DC, and wanted to use the phone book to look up restaurants. None in the room, and when we asked the concierge, he said, with barely concealed surprise, that no one used phone books for that any more; their guests always had an iPhone or something to search with. But they would try to 'scrounge one up'. Which, as it happened, they didn't.

Got to go to the store tomorrow. Right now, part of me wants to sleep,and part says what, so soon? Are you out of your mind?


Tabor said...

Didn't the hotel have a concierge? I thought their job was to help you find a place to eat.

Cerulean Bill said...

Indeed they did. And indeed, they didn't. Was I just a little bit ticked about this? Yes. Course, I suspect if we were looking for a classy restaurant, and not a pizza-type place, their reaction would have been different. Possibly not. I don't normally go to a high-end hotel, but when I do,I've noticed that their 'concierge' is usually a repurposed bellman.