Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Perhaps it's not technically the first day of summer, but for my daughter it is, and as any parent knows, your life tends to revolve around your kid's expectations. Not always wise, I know, but that's the way it is around here.

As it happens, it's a bit overcast and drizzly, which puts me into a minor glum mood -- one not helped by an article in today's Post about difficulties that liberals are having with our own lunatic fringe. Perhaps lunatic is an overstatement -- they are people who thought that the election of a Democrat after years of the Bush disaster would bring peace, joy, and prosperity, and they're angry that such hasn't happened. In their own way, they're as idiotic as the tea party people, because they believe that the President can do anything, so why hasn't he (fill in the blank). Some of their anger is justifiable, much is not. They're doing the GOPs work, though, and if they're successful, and the GOP wins in the 2010 elections, I'm sure they'll be unhappy with those results, too. I don't really want to get into calling people and mailing petitions and all. I thought thats what the official Democratic party was for.

Reading that Iran is working out ways around sanctions makes me unhappy, too. And the progress on the oil spill. And.... there just doesn't seem to be much good news around, these days.

We're in the home stretch for getting our daughter off to France (already talking about what happens when she gets back). I have to find out how much it'll cost to convert dollars to euros -- more than I expect, I'm sure -- and we have to get a copy of her passport off to the teacher who's escorting them (we'd already done that, but apparently it had to be a copy of the signed passport). And today I get to start messing intensively with the dough starter, feeding it routinely. It's ironic, in a way -- the day that it'll likely be ready to be used to bake, we'll be in DC, taking a 3 day vacation. Wonder if the starter will even be alive when we get back.

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