Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I mentioned in a response to a comment on an earlier post that our host's wife let me make crepes with her, using her trusty crepe pan. It had little dimples in it; never seen that before. I had asked her if her pan was non-stick, since I had seen her lightly oil it, and she seemed surprised, saying that of course it was non-stick. It would stick, otherwise, she said, as she swirled the batter.

So I was a little surprised, myself, to see this in a writeup about a crepe pan, on Amazon:

I am extremely pleased with the Le Creuset Crepe Pan. Readers should know this is a fairly authentic pan that would be found in Brittany, France where crepes originated. It is cast iron, without any non-stick coatings -- but a little bit of seasoning with oil just before use is perfect for the crepes not to stick. And, with this style of crepe pan you need to use a rake-type spreader (un rateau) that you see used in most French creperies -- this is not the type of crepe pan that you tilt to spread the batter. Also, it is important to get the pan fairly hot -- but what is great about cast iron is the even distribution of the heat. This is the way crepes should be made and was the way my Breton grandmother made them.

By the way, the crepes were great. With liquid chocolate, powdered chocolate, Nutella, two kinds of sugar... Tasty!

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