Wednesday, July 06, 2011

And so....

Now that we're back, I am slowly trying to figure out where I should spend my time.

Sometimes, I think this would be a good time to get real on cooking and baking - nothing absurd, just good at baking bread, maybe crepes. Learn to cook a couple of things that I don't know how to cook now. I admit, I didn't really like the food in France (others did, me, not so much). The food in the host family's house was tasty if unusual; the food in restaurants....hmmm. But I said I wanted to be exposed to different kinds of food, and that happened. It reminded me that there's more worth cooking than the fifteen or twenty things I know how to do.

Sometimes, I think that I ought to get back into exercising. As a result of all the walking that we did, I actually lost a few pounds in France; I'd like to continue that. I had hired a woman to work as a personal trainer, but that didn't work out so well. So I think well, I can just do it myself, ignoring for the moment my willingness to cut myself slack when it comes to exercise. What I consider exercise, a trainer would consider getting warmed up. No kidding. So I think I ought to do more of that.

Sometimes, I think that I ought to continue to study French pretty often -- not as intensively as I did, before the trip, but pretty often. Two or three hours a week. I don't want to lose what I so laboriously acquired (kind of the reverse of my weight, where I don't what to reacquire what I so laboriously lost). Plus, I want to improve. I like speaking another language. I and the host wife promised we'd talk to each other on Skype every so often, and I'd like that, as much to keep in contact as for her to practice English and for me to practice French.

Sometimes, I think I ought to start reading down that list of books whose names I noted when I was spending most of my free time studying. I don't do as much reading as I'd like to, and the list was a way of saying once that I have time.... Well, now, I do.

So where to start?

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