Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strange Wonderings

Sometimes, I wonder about strange things. Like, why do you see more women than men cross their legs at the knees (rather than just rest the calf of one leg on the knee of the other)? Is it because it's easier for women to do that ? And, if so, is that because women's anatomy lets them lift a hip up further, so the leg can pivot more? And if so, is that because their anatomy is built for childbirth? And is that why women tend to have a rolling, 'hip-swinging' gait? Why do guys think that's attractive? Is it because guys subconsciously relate it as 'more rolling means more likelihood of success in childbirth; is good' ? Similarly 'larger breasts means more milk capacity to nourish children; is good' ? I really don't get the big breasts fascination. Doesn't stop me from noticing, though, but then sometimes I wonder about it.

I admit, part of what makes me wonder about all of this is when I stand right over the cat and she looks straight up at me. I think why can't humans do that? Which leads me to thinking about anatomy. I recall reading an article about 'flaws in human anatomy' - like 'why do we use overlapping passageways for breathing and eating?' Or (from a joke collection) - proof that God is an engineer -- who else would design the human body so that it has the amusement area right next to the sewage plant? And I remember years ago reading 'women like lipstick because it's a visible representation of hidden engorged labia'. I thought What? Can't be.... Which I still think, by the way.

Strange, I know....


genderist said...

Maybe you should switch to decaf in the mornings?

Cerulean Bill said...

Don't you think curiousity is a wonderful thing?

STAG said...

Guys do that because of a cultural dominance thing. Girls do it that way because their body language is saying " aint gettin' any of this".
Guys won't wear skirts or dresses because they can't cross their legs like that in a dress without sending a too obvious message. Gals don't care what they wear day to day (and in fact prefer trousers for modesty), but they always default to dresses during really important weddings and stuff because it sends a message of "Well I can be accessible if I want and that is my power."

Note I didn't suggest that this is in any way consious, or even completely true in all cases. But on a cave man cave woman level, it is valid. Even male monkeys sit with their testicles waving in the breeze, and female monkeys fold their legs. So this behavior goes back a VERY long ways.

From "How to Read a Person Like a Book" by Neirenburg and Cailo

(Dude...I don't make this stuff up!)

Cerulean Bill said...

My favorite in that line of thought was one I read years ago about a guy who would stand with his thumbs hooked in his belt, fingers pointing down. They said it was a 'subtle suggestion'. Personally, I wouldn't call it that!