Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am tickled pink. I have gotten four short notes in two weeks from the girl who stayed with us last year. Very cool. She says she's coming to New York with her class. We probably won't go up there just to meet her for lunch, but it's nice to know that she'll be here.

I said probably. Though I do have a sudden urge to practice French.

We also got another indication that you need to use Google Translate with caution. She said "jai vraiment hate d ' y retourner new york" which GT translated as "jai really hate to go back new york". Only, she meant to write " j'ai vraiment h√Ęte d ' y retourner new york ", which is "I can not wait to go back new york". Amazing what some missing punctuation can do to screw up your sentence.

(And yes, I did smile a little when I saw the first version, because I knew what that word was, and what it was supposed to be!!! Maybe there's hope for my French yet. )

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