Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I just learned that the college where my daughter wants to go publishes blogs by some of the students. I looked at a couple. They're not entirely relentlessly upbeat. But I was flattened by the casual comments about just how deep the snow gets in northern Vermont, or how relentless the cold wind can be in midwinter. One person, talking about a two day period where he had to stay in his room due to a very bad chest cold -- his room is apparently a basement room, tiny, with two small windows high up on the wall --- says "If you think the days here pass slowly, try spending two days in bed, unable to leave your room." Don't get me wrong, these people all seem to love it there -- but they sound like the kind of people who cherish pain and adversity. No pink dorm rooms with fluffy teddy bears here.

I am now terrified at the thought that this is where she wants to go.


Tabor said...

Just think, if this was an earlier generation you would have other worries about her college!

Cerulean Bill said...

Not to say that I don't, now. But I've lived in fairly cold environments. Not terrible if you're careful. Question is, are these folks careful - enough?

Wendster said...

Wool socks, I say.

Wool socks make your WHOLE body warmer!!!

Brave girl.

Or .... uninformed? Better take her there this winter to visit on a few cold days. ya?

Cerulean Bill said...

Going up this December. Possibly rending a four wheel drive vehicle to do it.

Thing is, one day won't convince her. Its got to be long enough so she says Holy hell, what am I doing here???

Though, who knows -- maybe its exactly what she wants. That age, I sure didn't know!