Saturday, September 03, 2011


One of the things that I've noticed about Google Reader (and this is probably true about other RSS feed readers, too) is that if you post something and then delete it, there's a decent chance that the reader will get it anyway. There's one blog that I read where the person will occasionally do that, so that when I go to comment on the post -- because those tend to be the most intriguing ones -- Blogger says sorry, no gots. If this is true about how you read this blog, you may have seen a post I did yesterday wherein I bemoaned my fate, anguished because I haven't heard from the people with whom we spent part of the summer, in France.

It really does distress me, not to have heard from them, but it's not quite as bad as I made it sound. I just get a little wound up with this stuff, sometimes. I tend to expect very little from people, and when I get more -- let alone, a lot more, as we did then -- well, I go overboard. Perhaps we'll visit each other every other year! Maybe every year! We'll come to know France as they know it! One big family! When this happens, I try to keep my minimal knowledge of What Humans Are Like in mind. (To that end, I actually had a card posted on my wall once, that said something like Guys want solutions, and possibly sympathy; Girls want sympathy, and possibly solutions. I would look at it occasionally, and it usually helped me in dealing with people).

Sometimes, though -- as in this case -- my 'index card notes' level of knowledge about other people doesn't help when I wonder what someone's motivations and intentions truly are. Did they REALLY mean those profestations of friendship? Are they REALLY going to come visit us, as we hope they will? Or were they just 'being nice'? One month out from being with them, I was already questioning it. I'm just never sure.

So, if you saw that post, which has since been redacted, and wondered what the hell was THAT all about? -- that's what.

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