Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book 'em

I bought a large book of pictures of small towns in my home state  for use as a gift to the first family I'm visiting.  The book cost $35; with their discount card, it cost $32.  I liked it enough that I asked if they had a second copy, so I could give it to another family, but they said no.  So I came home and looked on Amazon.


Free shipping because I have the Amazon Prime membership, which costs the same as the bookstore discount card.

And that's why brick and mortar bookstores are in trouble.


Vajra said...

I know; it's so frustrating. I do try to buy some of my books in brick and mortar stores because I find my searching is both more serendipitous and more fun then searching on the web.

Cerulean Bill said...

I do it because I like having the store around. Its fun to wander around, even though I do write down more titles than I buy. I notice that Barnes and Noble is becoming more of a toy store as time progresses, and now that they're apparently going to try outsourcing the manufacture of the Nook......