Friday, November 18, 2016


Watching YouTube extracts of the best Jed Bartlett speeches.

Feels like mourning for the death of nobility, for honor, for justice.

Seeing people on the web saying we have to resist, we have to be prepared to fight back, we have to defend our way of life -- it scares me.  Fight, resist our own government? Will this be a rerun of the 60s, with police clubbing protestors outside the White House?  A rerun of the 40s, putting undesirables into internment camps?  A rerun of the 2000's, with crashing financial markets wiping out people's savings, driving people from their homes?

And, of course, that he will get us into war, again, because he can't just force the world to be as he wants it to be, and he's surrounding himself with a deeply rigid, deeply conservative, war-liking bunch of ironheads.

This is not what's supposed to happen when a new president arrives.  There should not be fear.  Unhappiness, yes -- oh, this guy, he doesn't value what I value. But not fear that he will wipe out gains made in the last twenty years, that he will impose draconian rules, that he will regress the country to the middle of the last century.

.I am so not looking forward to this.

Thanks, Trump supporters.  Thanks the hell a lot. Thanks for screwing the whole damn country.

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