Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I saw a couple of articles recently predicting that the orangeman – some day I’ll be able to use his name and the phrase ‘president’, but not yet, not yet- would not serve out his full term, but would be impeached.  Of course, this gave great joy to my heart, as I love the image of him being ridden out of town on a rail, him and his whole family staggering down the road like migrants fleeing Syria.[sigh]

I’m not for it, though, for two reasons.

First is, I wasn’t for it when it was obvious (well, to me, and those of my ilk) that the Republicans would threaten impeachment with no other reason than that they wanted to weaken and possibly replace a Democratic president. That’s not fair when they do it against my president, and it would not be fair  if they did it against their president.  I know: fairness in politics, what a concept.

Second is, you gotta give the incumbent a chance, even when its a slimeball like orangeman.  A significant portion of the country voted for him.  Even when I think yeah but if the vp got into that office, he’d probably push the same policies as got this bozo elected, but with less erraticism (because to be honest, its not so much the policies that scare me, though I don’t like all of them; its the erraticism, the 3AM tweeting, the thin skin, and all that) so the people who wanted the policies would still get them – I don’t know, its still not right.  We’re not a banana republic that replaces presidents more or less on a whim.

Though, yeah, the image of him impeached and ejected....  is attractive.


RozWarren said...

I can't call him by name yet either. I refer to him as President Pussygrabber. Because it makes me feel a little better to do that. (But not quite better enough...)

Cerulean Bill said...

On the way home I was thinking about an article mentioning that the Ryan cadre want to not only eviscerate ACA, but also Medicare and Medicaid, transferring it (with a lower degree of funding) to the states. Wonder how the Don't let the government touch my Medicare! clowns feel about that.

We need a buyers remorse option for elections.