Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I am not Groot

From this page:

When do we become fluent in a foreign language?

  1. Groot level (three words) – I am Groot.
  2. “Hey, look at me (I am Mr Meeseeks), I speak Spanish” level(400-600 words) – This is what I like to call “I just started learning a language, but I feel like I can say anything that comes to my mind” level. At this point, we can get around the city in a foreign country, order food and do other basic daily life shit.
  3. “Time to put German on my resume” level (800-1.600 words) – Look at you, darling, reading newspapers with the aid of a dictionary. Way to go!
  4. The fluent level (2.000-3.000 words) – This is what I have been reading the previous 800 words for? You could have just said so, you little piece of shit. Calm your tits. It is frequently said that a 95% of the core conversation in the English language consists of around thirty hundred words.
  5. Literate level (3.000-6.000 words) – Ready to talk about sports, politics, science, women apparel, you name it, luv.
  6. Arrogant prick level (6.000-10.000 words) – With reason, though. At this stage, you can engage in lengthy philosophical discussion and the dictionary is your long forgotten friend – you only turn to it when you need something.
  7. Over 9.000 level (Over 9.000-10.000 words) – Native. Self-explanatory.

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