Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Things I have learned thus far on summer vacation-

a) The French don't know the meaning of 'well-done'.

b) French drivers go very fast on narrow roads.

c) Some French public restrooms have neither bidets nor toilet paper.

d) Little French kids sound cute when they say Bonjour.

e) Noticing that the young girl you hosted last summer is now a sexy young woman can be a really unsettling experience.Though you are still delighted to see her; you can't treat her as the same person.

f) Things seem to cost more in Euros. We've spent HOW much already???


With the right people, the whole experience is delightful. Like our new friends: From the daughter to the dog to the son to the rabbit; and most especially the parents: they are a joy. We are damned lucky.



genderist said...

Wonderful! So glad that you're having a good time!

Cerulean Bill said...

I have never before met people that I liked so quickly.They initially liked us because we so obviously thought the world of their daughter; but now its gone beyond that. They have gone far; far out of their way for us. I have family who would not do so much.

In my experience, truly amazing.