Monday, June 27, 2011

En France

My wife arrived in France to join me and my daughter at the home of our new friends. At first I was jealous - up to then, it had been just my daughter and me; and I didnt like sharing 'my' French family with her: But I got over it: Pretty much.

Just spent twenty minutes trying to get the French mobile phone to work. Turns out that just because the phone number starts with a zero doesnt mean you can ignore the zero: 06 and 07 are nationwide area codes for mobile phones;

I am very glad that we came. We are doing some fun things; but we are doing very quiet things; too. Do kind of wish we could order pizza; though. This is a very small town; no Pizza Hut here!

I will miss this place, and this family: Especially the family. They are unbelievably friendly and generous. It is as if we have known them for years. And tonight; we go to see the girl whose arrival started it all.


STAG said...

Why on EARTH would you order pizza in FRANCE?

This was a joke right?

Cerulean Bill said...

I love it here; but I'm still a 'murrican - and one with happily plebian tastes.