Monday, November 06, 2017


If I get a communication from some organization, and the communication includes a phrase like We're excited to announce..., the odds are very good that I won't be all that thrilled, and maybe even actively pissed.

Also, the Run for Something organization is... interesting.  Even if they do have a millenials only bias.  I just added them to my list of people to whom we'll regularly donate. The Anti-Trump resistance: it is fractured and squabbling, but it lives.


Tabor said...

I think it is sad that we all have to have our own separate organization. What if we pooled resources.

Cerulean Bill said...

Undoubtedly resources are wasted. One says Oh yeah we need to elect just Democrats, we don't care about anything else, another says Well, yeah, but its gotta be Democratic WOMEN, and a third says It's gotta be either gender, but they have to clearly have a shot at winning, while a fourth says Even without a shot, they need the experience, we should support it...

Me, I'm up to about fifteen organizations that I donate to. I've dropped one or two that seemed disorganized or too focused -- thought I am unsure about Emily's List.

This is an interesting article about one piece of the phenomenon -