Saturday, November 18, 2017


Is it so terribly wrong that I feel that the people popping out of the woodwork with complaints about actions taken more than a decade ago have foregone their right to expect my support?  There are modifiers to that, of course -- how many times did something happen?  How serious was each event?  Did you benefit from acquiescence? 

I. know that some would say Oh, so now you're blaming the victim?.  I'm not.  I do feel, though, that some of them are looking for a free pass. I doubt they're lying, but -- why, this late? I know their answer --  Well, we couldn't speak, no one would believe us then, now the climate is right. I hear that.  But I don't entirely buy it.

And yeah, my ire is motivated when I see this latest event, with Franken, motivating Trump the Chump cawing about Oh so now Franken is exposed, you guys, lets all castigate him, while the GOP and half the known universe did and does NOTHING to castigate him -- murmurs of disapproval, thats about all I've seen -- seeing that makes it worse. 


RozWarren said...

As somebody who endured a lot of harassment and downright nastiness in the work place for many years, knowing that if I spoke up I would not only not be supported but would probably be punished, I totally support another woman's right to tell her story, whenever she feels brave/comfortable enough to tell it. I'm glad the culture has changed enough so that the women feel that they will FINALLY be listened to. Bravo to everyone who comes forward to tell about what happened to her and how she felt about it. All of the women I know understand this, and far too few of the men.

Cerulean Bill said...

I guess I'm one of the latter, then.