Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I just learned that it is common now to buy a game that won't let you do all of the flashy things  - launch missiles, or use specialized skills, or something -- unless you 'level up' by either playing for what I consider an insanely long time, like dozens or hundreds of hours, or by paying real money to the vendor in order to play at the advanced level.  This after you have spent real money to get the damn game.

This is like learning to play chess and finding out that the knight won't jump until you fork over some cash first. Or the queen can only go half the board length in one move.   Why would anyone do this?  Why is it normal? 


RozWarren said...

I have never played a video game. And I probably never will. I'd rather take a walk outside. The joy of being a gamer is totally lost in me.

Cerulean Bill said...

My daughter is perplexed that I think this bizarre. I have a friend in France, on the other hand, who regularly plays an online game with her husband, each on their own PC about three feet apart, who thinks it's normal.

I'd rather read a book. My feeling about taking a walk is similar to Oliver Babish's view about nature.