Sunday, August 07, 2016

Watching and Hoping

Despite the perky comments in political blogs, I suspect that it's still too early to forecast the results of the election with any confidence. 

Hillary could shoot herself in the foot, or have some more nastiness from her past appear (her own version of Swiftboats).  Trump could listen to his advisors and actually buckle down to a core, consistant message - or even quit entirely, leaving the RNC able to insert a new candidate who only has to be marginally acceptable to the party, and not an idiot, for three months, maximum.  Granted, that seems to be beyond Trump's abilities, but its not beyond Ryans, or other players. It could happen..

So its not in the bag.  But I do suspect that it's trending in that direction, ever so slightly.

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RozWarren said...

Fingers crossed.