Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Today my daughter has her first ever interview for a job.  Well, unless you count the interview for a summer job working in a warehouse, three years ago.  Basically, she just had to be able to put two words together in order to be qualified, based on the calibre of her coworkers.  The job was tedious but she earned enough to still have some of her funds left, even now.

She dressed up for that interview.  In retrospect, she really didn't need to, but she did.  I was glad - about that.  Today, she is really dressing up.  This is not the job she wants, but it kind - of is, and she could live at home until her boyfriend graduates from college.

Here's hoping.


Tabor said...

My precious and very talented daughter did a ton of interviews during her Senior year at college. She did land a job, but on one of the interviews she had become cavalier and told them it would be a big mistake for them if they did not hire her (she really didn't care about that job.)

Cerulean Bill said...

Turns out that she didn't get that job, but they asked her to come back to talk about interviewing for a different one. So, thats something....