Monday, February 01, 2016


I usually don't mind Windows 10.  But when I say yeah, do a system restore back to before your last critical update,  and Windows replies Oh yeah?  Well eat this -- REBOOT LOOP ERROR, so that I have to completely reinstall Windows (easy to do, since the PC has a Recovery Partition, though why it felt it necessary to throw away parts or all of several applications, I have no idea) -- well, then, I'm not too fond of it.  Good thing I am retired, with lots of spare time.

As it turns out, having to reinstall windows is a (relatively) painless way of updating the applications that you use... and trashing the ones you don't. Still would not recommend it as a fun time activity, though.

And for those people who say that you don't really need a CD copy of the software, because hey, you can just download it, right?  -- just about everything went right back in *except* the one that was acquired via streaming download. I'll probably end up buying it again. (It's Quicken, whose idea of customer service leaves a lot to be desired.) So, yeah. You need the CD.


Tabor said...

W-10 was a nightmare costing me a fortune and Geek squad did all the stuff for free, but I still paid for the stuff they could not do. They recommended NOT installing W-10 EVER to this machine. I hate the way this OS forces us to upgrade both software and hardware and I am going to be an Apple person the next PC.

Cerulean Bill said...

I saw a satiric comic wherein a software developer muses that people don't really like software, but they use it because they must. A friend disagrees, saying that the customers love them, and would use it even if it caused them pain. They make a bet, and the next release of the software says BEFORE PROCEEDING, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE FOLLOWING MAINTENANCE....and lo and behold, everyone does. See, the second says, they love us!