Thursday, February 25, 2016


I am once again scared for my country.  The demagogue Trump is doing so well in the political primaries, I find myself wondering if this is what it was like at the early rallies for the Nazis.  I really do.  He is a bigot and a racist, but he is also wily and smart (despite having some very stupid opinions and having said some very stupid things; astonishingly, people feel that this makes him trustworthy - he "says exactly what he thinks"), and he is good at playing negotiation games.  He actually said that he could kill someone on a crowded street and it would not affect his standing with his supporters.  Now tell me that that isn't something that Hitler could have said.

And even if Trump does not get the nomination (which he seems very likely to do), the other two contenders on that side are bad -- well, one of them, Ted Cruz, is; he's superbright and he wants to drag the US back to the 1950s, when it was a 'Christian nation' and where, by god (figuratively and literally), foreigners knew to be afraid of us. The other, Marco Rubio, isn't as bad, but in this environment, that means that he isn't doing as well, either.

Society doesn't seem to reward being reasonable any more.

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