Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A little while ago, I put a note here to the effect that I wished I could get Lorina Limonade locally.   Lorina Limonade is French-made; I found it when I was in France, and I like it a lot.  It's not as tart as lemonade, and it comes in these huge glass bottles with a massive stopper to keep the carbonation alive.  I like it so much, I even kept one of the empty bottles, because it reminds me of France, and that makes me smile.

Yesterday, I received a note from a person in the marketing department of Lorina, and we talked about how I'd tried to get it locally, did (with some effort), and eventually concluded that much as I liked it, the effort and cost were too great.  Not the cost of the actual product; that's reasonable.  The $250 that the local supplier would charged me to deliver it from their warehouse, about three hours from here.  I know it's three hours (a little less) because that's how long it took me to drive there and personally pick it up.  If I'd known it would be that far,  and take that long, I'd have bought more.

The Lorina person told me that she would talk to the American branch of their company, to see if anything could be done.  Seriously, I don't expect that anything will come of it -- as much as I like the product, I'm still just one person.  But their willingness to contact me, and to at least try to do something about the situation -- that fascinated me.  That kind of personal touch seems to have vanished in our world where, if Amazon doesn't ship it, it doesn't exist. But not with Lorina.  They've still got it.

Thanks, Lorina.  You guys made my day.

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