Friday, May 15, 2015


As it gets warmer, I miss limonade.

I can't get Lorina Limonade locally. (Something about those heavy glass bottles makes them very expensive to ship.)

 I can't MAKE it - do a Google search for 'limonade recipe', and you get 'Showing results for lemonade recipe' .

And I can't get it at a restaurant here. I remember sitting in one not far from Notre Dame, watching the tourists, and drinking limonade. Slowly, to make the taste linger.

Un autre verre, s'il vous plait?


testlori said...

Dear Bill,

Please contact us at, to teel us were you live; We will thus help you to find the closest Lorina!

Have a sparkling day,
Lorina Team

Cerulean Bill said...

Thank you very much -- most kind of you! I responded to you directly via email....