Monday, March 09, 2015

Heads in Beds

Just finished reading Heads in Beds, an autobiographical book about a guy's career in the hotel industry.  Most of the book is only mildly interesting - this is how the desk clerk can really screw you over!  This is how you can empty out the minibar and never pay a dime! -- but the parts at the beginning, where he talks about being a lowest-of-the-low worker at a high end hotel, a place where they stressed and emphasized the value of customer service -

It made me want to find that hotel, and stay there. It's in New Orleans, someplace.  Now, it might not exist any more.  Floods, you know.  Or it might have been taken over by SuperOmniMax, with every flower having to pull its own weight  plus 10%, no more than five in a given location.  And I have stayed in expensive hotels, up around the $350 dollar a day rate (which I know isn't all THAT expensive, these days, but it is for me), and while most of them were worth it, some, not so much.  Looking at you, DC Four Seasons.

But if I could find that hotel....I'd almost be willing to go to that city, just to stay there.

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