Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Snow Day

First day of spring, last (we hope) snow day for the year.  Last year was worse in terms of total days , but this one has been fairly grim, too.

This is an example of why French is difficult:  this phrase appears in something that I am listening to while I read the transcription:

Chaque élève choisit vers 14 ans ce que sa série sera 
(Each student chooses around 14 years old what his focus of study will be)

Its that last part of the sentence that stuns me, because it's pronounced as 'suh kuh sa suhREE suhRAH'.  If that doesn't sound like gibberish when you're desperately searching for any meaning as the sentence rockets past....

On the otheer hand, a new partner tells me that I speak reasonably well, so that's something....

Oh, and the Third Law thing?  Inertia. 

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