Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thourie Accomodations

This is the small gîte that I stayed in during my French immersion class, near the tiny village of Thourie (about 30 minutes south of Rennes).  The accommodations were comfortable but, as you can see, pretty basic.  I came to the conclusion that gîte'' is the French word for 'this place is pretty old, and none of the appliances were purchased after 1955.'  Still, the experience was novel.


Tabor said...

My goodness that is a pretty depressing place. Did it have any garden or landscaping? Was it within walking distance of some fun stuff?

Cerulean Bill said...

You put your finger on it. Without a car, I could go NOWHERE. The garden out back was actually quite pretty (mostly meadow, but still...) but I was in that building, in that ROOM, for about eight hours a day.

Cerulean Bill said...

When I was first there, it wasn't bad. But it was the lack of ability to get away that was a killer. Thourie is a VERY small village -- I think the only stores were a tabac and La Poste -- and Rennes, which is quite nice and a small city, was about half an hour away. One thing that fascinated me -- though I did not mention it, because I was getting grumpy most of the time -- was that on the road, EVERY kilometer, they had a Dalek-shaped monument, about five feet high, to the American troops who had come that was after the Normandy landings. It was actually quite touching.