Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some thoughts

I am capable of not realizing things that are almost intuitively obvious to other people. For example, that not everyone who uses an iPad does it because they are Apple groupies. The stuff may be overpriced, but it works. I've seen adults and kids use them in the last week, and they just work, quickly and effectively. Similarly, the tiny Apple tablet with detachable keyboard isn't the toy it appears to be. It works.

Other points of obliviousness relate to France, this trip, and me. I'm in the second week, and now that I'm not in that class any more, I'm much happier. When they said that it would be pretty much French all the time, I didn't realize that they meant exactly what they said. My head didn't ache, but it got very old very quickly to have to hesitate before a third of my sentences. I'm glad that's over.  I'm also glad to be done with the 'authentic food of Bretagne'. The others in the class gobbled it up, but as for me, not only was it inedible, the one time I did try it, my stomach revolted for much of the next few days (very glad I brought Pepto Bismol - its illegal here without a French prescription).

Now I am in Lille, staying for two days with a conversation partner, her partner, and their terrific kids, Alixe and Camille, and in addition to their other qualities, they like pizza.

Would I go back to Bretagne again? Absolutely. I very much liked the accessibility of the city of Rennes, which is beautiful (HINT: if you go, use a way-small suitcase,  because the storage area on the TGV is way-tiny.  And if you rent a car, think Volkswagen bug size, or less.)

I  wasn't actually sure that visiting the people here in Lille was a good idea, but now that I am here, I'm very glad I came, because they're very nice. I am very glad to have met them.

In two days I get to hustle/squeeze with my (relatively) massive bag onto the TGV and 90 minutes later hustle/squeeze off in Paris, where I'll meet with between one and five friends. Looking forward to that - and my return to the land of decent burgers and cold water in restaurants.


Tabor said...

This trip has to be full of good posts on your part. I am heading for a sterile tour of France in the spring and dying to read about your mini-adventures that I will not get to experience. Photos also, please?

Cerulean Bill said...

Wish I could. I downloaded the few photos to my PC, but each time I try to upload to blogger, it goes into some kind of loop - nothing goes!

leslie said...

J'aime beaucoup la façon dont tu gères ton blog. Je trouve que les photos de tes amis sont extras !

Cerulean Bill said...

Ah, tu es trés gentille, mon amie....