Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Various things

This laptop may be dying.  Every so often the fan kicks on with this horrible sound.  I looked, and its buried deep in the innards of the device.  Expensive.   I don't much mind the idea of getting a new one, but I despise the idea of having Windows 8 on it.

I get emails occasionally from a conservative who asks me what I think about things he's seen on various conservative sites.  Sometimes there's something interesting, sometimes not.  The other day he sent me a link to a scary chart predicting that the stock market would crash in 4-6 months.  I spend about three hours looking into why that might not be the case, and sent him a response -- and along the way, I learned a little bit about how a double-Y axis can lead to confusion.  Amazed, because prior to that i thought that I understood it.

Took some time to make and bake pain au chocolat the other day.  Not bad but a litle undersized.  I'll probably make it again, but not really soon -- those things are rich. 

Still studying French. Still.

I have never dressed this nicely, and would look like an idiot if I tried. Still, I'd like to, just once.


Tabor said...

If he can predict the market or knows that what he reads is true I am sure he is a multi-millionaire...right?

Cerulean Bill said...

He can't, but the people whom he reads believe that they can. Or at the least, that you should panic.