Wednesday, March 12, 2014


my daughter has never been one to embrace change. Whenever a change occurs, or is in the offing, it takes her a little while to get used to the idea.during this past week, she has spent some time with friends from high school, and as part of that she has seen some of them perform in the color guard unit that she was a member of for a long time. I suppose it is natural that you would assume they would remember you for a long time, too, so it comes has a bit of a surprise to find out that this is mostly not the case. As a result, she feels torn. On one hand, she wants to continue to participate and to celebrate their activities. On the other, they don't remember her, most of them, and even though she is only 2 years older than the oldest of them, in their eyes she's old. Someone trying to cling to their youth. that's not the case, but they don't realize it. It makes her feel old, not part of the group anymore, and she doesn't like it.

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Tabor said...

Yes, getting older is hard when you look back. I think you have to assure her that this does not change. When we get older we always feel left behind and that is why we should not spend too much time looking back and more time looking forward.